This DreamHost review will cover the negative side of the company. It seems that, by far, the largest problem with DreamHost is its reliability. This is a shame, considering it used to be known for its excellent reliability and uptime. Now, however, many are dealing with server issues. Quite often, their sites are simply down, and cannot be accessed. At other times, there are connection issues and time-out errors. Still other times the connection is just incredibly slow, as if the bandwidths were being restricted. The incredibly high downtime can ruin smaller businesses, which in turn, causes DreamHost to lose business.

Another major problem with DreamHost is that the technical support is set up badly. On the most basic plan available, the only way to contact them is via tickets. This is a slow process, and usually takes the team about twelve hours to respond, as opposed to Customer Support, which is available via online chat. This is something they have to work on; the ticket system is obsolete.